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23 Anatolis, Peristeri, Athens, 12133, Greece


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The company V&P PAPERS E.E. is the continuation of the company ENESSIS CO (K.MAHALIOTIS & SIA OE.) which was founded in October 2007 by Konstantinos Mahaliotis and Theodoros Vlachos with the sole purpose of marketing and manufacturing binding systems for photobooks, as well and other bookbinding materials. In April 2022, the departure of Mr. Mahaliotis Constantinos from the company marked the developments that led to the establishment of V&P PAPERS E.E. by Theodoros Vlachos based in Peristeri Attica. The company deals with the marketing and processing of paperboard, bookbinding and printing materials. The purpose of the company is to continuously meet the needs of its customers through the expanded range of products available. V&P PAPERS, through its cooperation with large European factories, has a wide range of products. In addition to the trading of cardboard paper products, it also deals with paper processing through the mechanical equipment it has. The goal of V&P PAPERS is the continuous expansion of its customer base. To achieve this goal, V&P PAPERS continuously expands its product range through new partnerships with foreign factories and also by increasing its mechanical equipment in order to provide more solutions to its customers.

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23 Anatolis, Peristeri, Athens, 12133, Greece

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